MP3 of the Day: The Methodaires - "High Grade"

MP3 of the Day: The Methodaires - "High Grade"

I guess it's no secret that we are pretty excited to hear that a recorded effort by Fort Lauderdale's happening roots reggae/ska outfit The Methodaires will soon be spinning in our homes. I've mentioned Florida's contributions to the ska scene over the years and always point to my disappointment regarding one of my favorite bands of the genre, the Jive Step Bunch, having left behind only a split 7-incher with King 7 & the Soulsonics... for a while there, after hearing many promises that "something" was coming out "soon," I began to fear the same for this outfit.

But they've proven me wrong and that's a good thing. They'll be releasing an EP this coming Friday at Maguire's Hill 16 so in the meantime, enjoy this track from the disc.

MP3: The Methodaires - "High Grade"


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