MP3 of the Day: The New - "Whoa Whoa"
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MP3 of the Day: The New - "Whoa Whoa"

It is no secret that for many years, I tormented the Garrote family with a $20 debt incurred by older brother Joe (of the Basicks and The Can't Stand Ya's fame) circa 1996 outside of Cheers. With his move to supershitty NYC many a moon ago, it fell on the lap of sis Lori to come clean with the debt. As it turns, I probably have a bit of a drinking problem, and the "debt" was as much a figment of my imagination as a full set of my own hair is.

Regardless of which, Lori soldiered for many years with the AKA's, which many of our readers will recognize as a long-running, all-girl rock 'n' roll outfit. The New is not so much a new outfit that cures cancer and revamps modern outlooks on music but rather a really good five-piece band that makes helluva catchy pop songs in a sweet amalgam of early '90s alternative, pop-punk, and danceable new wave.

The girls in question here are Lori Garrote on vocals and rhythm guitar, Natalie Martinez on bass and vocals, Jordan Calloway on keys and harmonies, Giz Forte on drums, and the strumming styles of Kim Drake on lead guitar. This is catchy rock 'n' roll in its purest form with a bit of "bitch" thrown in for good measure. They have an album available on iTunes and CDBaby, and you'll score a myriad of brownie points by picking one up soon!

MP3: The New - "Whoa Whoa"

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