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MP3: Psychic Mirrors' "Mystic Hustle" Seven-Inch Ain't No Joke

Miami's Psychic Mirrors are onto something. After listening to their debut seven-inch, you'll feel like you're lounging with Shaft, Tony Montana, and Daft Punk in a treetop discotheque in the Amazon. Live, they are more like a party than a band -- the ten members of the Psychic tribe are onstage dancing, sweating, and stone cold maxing in perfect rhythm and harmony. They are a beautiful experience.

This single is dripping with sexual energy and all of their live intensity. It's a great dancing-to record and probably a great weed-smoking-to record. It's safe to say, there isn't anything else like it in South Florida. There are plenty of other "big bands" -- Suénalo or Spam All Stars, por ejemplo; those bands are great, but they seem so... pro.

Psychic Mirrors seem like guys and girls you'd play dominoes with, share shots of coladas and drags from your L&M with. You can just picture Executive Director Mickey de Grand IV taking a bite out of a sandwich, walking up to the mic, and dusting crumbs off of his beard seconds before he transforms into the best frontman in South Florida.

The entire group has a lot of fun on stage, but this ain't no joke. They're serious about their music and their message, but they ain't uptight. They have kind of a late-'60s radical vibe, but they smell really good. We can go off about how great they are, but just listen to "Mystic Hustle" and hear what all the fuss is about already. Dig:

Psychic Mirrors: "Mystic Hustle" by Cosmic Chronic

That funkified outerspace jam was laid down this spring, and under de Grand's watchful third eye, the boards were helmed by Torche's Jonathan Nuñez, Alex Batille, Dave Cooley, and Psychic Mirrors' guitarman, Ryan Haft. The vinyl was released on de Grand's label, Cosmic Chronic. You can get it at Sweat Records, Radio-Active Records, and pretty soon anywhere in the galaxy through Turn Table Lab.

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