MP3: The Roots and John Legend Cover Arcade Fire

With Arcade Fire busy filming music videos alongside Spike Jonze and puddle-jumping to promote their latest The Suburbs, you might be getting an itch craving Canada's finest. Meanwhile, homegrown John Legend and the Roots have just finished collaborating on a their recently released Wake Up!, a collection of 12 covers of America's best soul music. The album is on sale for two bucks here until 11 p.m. today!

As a tip of the hat, the Legend/Roots super-group covers Arcade Fire's

"Wake Up!" which inspired the naming of their latest. While most of

this version is pretty faithful to the original, it's interesting to

hear the subtle differences; both bands are undoubtedly constituent of

great musicians, but the different approaches, styles, and timbres really

come through with this one -- especially with my dude ?uestlove on the


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