New Musical Missionary Label/Charity Expands, Releases New Podcast

​Back in January we announced the launch of the local Musical Missionary label with a debut record release by Austin-based producer Darren DuVall. The label has since continued to expand with a growing lineup of forward-thinking EDM artists.

Musical Missionary itself continues to cultivate an unprecedented philanthropistic approach to music business. The label actually serves as a nonprofit charity dedicated to providing music and arts education to underprivileged youth, and donates all proceeds of its record sales and events to the cause. As such, it stands as a bastion of virtue and good faith in a city and music scene more often than not dominated by big egos and commercial interests.

Meanwhile, the Miami Dance Party web site, whose launch we also announced in March,

posted a new MM label showcase podcast this morning. It features a tasteful

selection of predominantly deep techno and tech-house cuts by both

established and emerging artists like Chris Fortier, Darren DuVall,

Pointbender, and Swanken, with accompanying voice-overs by MM chairman

David Collado introducing the artists.

All the music on

the podcast was donated by the artists to the label, which is

Miami-based, but has a national reach through all major digital music

retailers. By purchasing MM's tracks through Beatport.com, iTunes, and

other retailers, you support both quality underground music

and the label's charitable efforts. Artists interested in joining

Musical Missionary may contact Collado directly through the Musical Missionary web site.

Click here to hear the Musical Missionary Label Showcase podcast on Miami Dance Party.

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