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This Friday marks the third-annual Naked End of Summer Bash organized by amiable nudist club Florida Young Naturists. In our opinion, the Young Naturists have the right idea -- probably no better way to revel an end of summer blowout than going au natural. The group has lined up a plethora of activities for the nudie eager beavers headed to the main campsite at Loxahatchee Groves this weekend. A drum circle, bonfire, midnight skinny dip, yoga, volleyball, a trip to the Lounge for some sushi dining in the buff, and much more. Also included in the weekend of clothing-optional merriment are performances from the Funky Nuggets, the Soulbirds, Grassy Waters, Jungle Funk, and a couple of acts who have just recently graced our pages, Mike Mineo and the Leylines.

So in honor of tossing the skivvies aside and throwing caution to the wind, we compiled this collection of tunes we think would fit right in on a naturist's iPod (which will be hung around his/her neck, we imagine?), after the jump.

9. Ida Maria - "I Like You So Much Better When You`re Naked."

This track from Norwegian pop sensation and Björk disciple Ida Maria speaks to those certain people in one's life who are much more tolerable sans clothing. Trysts aside, we imagine nudists generally like everyone better when naked. It's certainly a peppy way to kick the playlist off.

8. Iggy Pop - "Butt Town"

Although this track from Iggy Pop's 1990 comeback album Brick by Brick deals more specifically with themes of cultural decay, we find the name "Butt Town" fitting for a campsite filled with bare derrieres. Too good to pass up.

7. Deep Dish - "Morning Wood"

This ambient dance track with jazz timbres off Washington, D.C., duo Deep Dish's lauded 1998 album Junk Science is the ideal delicate daybreak doozy for the young naturists waking up after a night of nekkid revelry. It's certainly a good one to subdue any leftover blood-pumping tumescence that might have occurred from the night before.

6. The Plasmatics - "Summer Night"

At least one song by shock-punk group the Plasmatics' provocateur female vocalist, Wendy O. Williams, is in order for a reputable nudist's playlist. She was one of the '80s most scantily clad performers, after all. This sultry number from the Plasmatics' second record, Beyond the Valley of 1984, is as perfect choice for the hot and humid Florida nights that our young exhibitionist will certainly encounter.

5. Peaches - "Slippery Dick

According to trusted online encyclopedia site Wikipedia, slippery dick is the layman's term for a species of ocean-dwelling fish named Halichoeres Bivittatus. Don't trust Wiki? Sexpot Peaches verifies it herself in the hook to this crunky track off her 2006 record, Impeach My Bush -- "slippery dick, it's just a fish in the Atlantic." Although our friendly undressed folks are going to be miles away from the Atlantic this weekend, we wouldn't be surprised if one or two of them don't, er, bust out their rods and start fishing at any of the number of creeks or canals around Loxahatchee Groves. Ahem... what did you think we had in mind with this track?

4. SNFU - "The King of Skin"

Granted, this song from venerable Canadian punk rockers SNFU is a shot at pornography purveyor Larry Flynt, but we find it to be a good anthem for the many kings and queens of skin gathering in western Palm Beach County this weekend. Rock on with your nude selves.

3. Neutral Milk Hotel - "Two Headed Boy"

We were looking for any old excuse to include a track from off-kilter indie folk favorites Neutral Milk Hotel on this playlist, and we found it in this one from the band's seminal album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. We will spare you our blunt rationale as to why we think it works; we figure a trusty County Grind reader can read into the innuendo.

2. PJ Harvey - "Sheela Na Gig"

Here is one an archaeological buff naturist could admire: The title of this track from diacritic female rocker P.J. Harvey's  debut album, Dry, refers to the 11th- and 12th-century figurative carvings of nude women statues with distorted and magnified vulvas found in Ireland. Harvey, being the unrelenting feminist that she is, twists it around in this unnerving tune and somehow makes the derogatory symbol into a feminine empowerment cry.  Certainly many a liberated vajayjay will be roaming this weekend.

1. 2 in a Room - "Wiggle It"

After all that high-brow conceptual stuff provided from Harvey, a little romp-shaking guilty pleasure is in order. Dominican hip-hop duo 2 in a Room fills that void with their 1990 dance-floor sensation, "Wiggle It." This jam is the ideal number for any post-drum-circle gyration that may occur. A great way to end the weekend of clothing-free fun.

Naked End of Summer Bash. With the Funky Nuggets, the Soulbirds, the

Leylines, Grassy Waters, Jungle Funk, and Mike Mineo. Friday, August 12,

to Sunday, August 14, at Sunsport Gardens Naturist Resort, 14125 N. Road,

Loxahatchee Groves. Tickets cost $11. Click here.

Follow County Grind on Facebook and Twitter: @CountyGrind. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.