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Peter Tosh From the Grave on His Birthday: Legalize It!

Born under the most milquetoast moon ever, Winston Hubert McIntosh on the 19th of October 1944, would never play game to bullshit and/or bullshitisms. Christened Peter Tosh after a horrific accident, after a tenureship with Bob Marley. 

His untimely death in 1987 at the age of 42 is proof positive that no good deed goes unpunished! When that three-man gang incurred itself on his house on September of 1987 there would be no telling.

Dennis "Leppo" Lobban was an ex-con Peter Tosh tried to help earlier in life. A posthumous recipient of Jamaica's highest honor: the Order of Merit, it is that nation's factitious semblance of good that has us riled up!

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No telling...

Did you not beat his ass back in the '70s? Did you not let him spout positivity? Buju Bantons! You are all that is wrong with earth music! Peter Tosh just wanted to make good with his people.

Other than him, many folks would die and Dennis "Leppo" Lobban would grow old to see his sentence pardoned from death to life. No good deed goes unpunished.

Write a sweet reggae song about that you abject piece of shit.

Let's celebrate life because nothing will bring Peter Tosh back. Where Bob Marley riled up the troops, Tosh told 'em what was up. Where Bunny Wailer smiled, Tosh frowned.

In the end, Peter Tosh was the foil to the British positivity the Marley-clan spouted... Vis a vis: no truth at all. LEGALIZE IT!!!

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