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Remember "Balloon Boy"? He's Nine and in "The World's Youngest Metal Band" (VIDEO)

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Have you ever heard of the Jonas Brothers?

Boys: [[blankly]] No, Uh-uh.

Who makes your videos?

Falcon?: My mom and dad help us. They do the video and we're always the actors. For "World of Warcraft," we used a green screen and we're like characters in the game.

Wow, you guys filmed it on a green screen?

Boys: We made it. It's in our house. Our dad made it out of --

Dad: Linoleum.

Boys: Linoleum and green paint.

How did you start playing out?

Bradford: We started at this one coffee place, Euphoria Emporium. Then we played Pegasus Lounge Battle of the Bands, the Deland Music Festival, our backyard... We kept learning from our mom and dad, and YouTube. We took some lessons. When we make a song, we all go in our room. Falcon sings some lyrics, I mostly create the guitar parts, and Ryo creates the drums.

Who is the girl in all your videos?

Boys: This chick Michelle, she works at Euphoria Emporium.

Do you get stage fright?

Bradford: No!!! On stage, it's not scary at all! You hear the crowd cheering you, you feel the cool breeze blow, you feel the crowd's energy, you walk up there and play the first note and -- [imitates guitar riff] DDRRRRGGGGEEEEEEEHEHEHHH !! Chicks in the front jump up and down with their boobies jiggling. We shout, 'Are you ready to rock?" [[imitates drums]] ch-ch-dum-dum [[They launch into another rap-rock about "hangin' in the park"]

Do you get paid?

Bradford: We got paid once, at this place Gasoline Alley. Some guy passed around a beer mug as a tip jar. We made $30.

What's the biggest crowd you've played to?

Bradford: The Abbey in Daytona. Probably 50 to 100 people.

Falcon: [[launches into screamo]] Yaaay-eaaaaaaaaaaah.

So you guys stay up all night and play out late?

Ryo?: We stayed up until 3:00 one time. After playing, we stayed to dance and cheer on the other bands. And we sign autographs. Two girls asked us to sign their iPhones.

So what's next?

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