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Song Spotlight: Jovi Rockwell - "Applebum (Remix)"

Jovi Rockwell is one of the most talented people you'll meet. Hailing from Jamaica, her island roots are deep and intact to her sound and her presence. She has been in between Miami and Jamaica for a number of years now, but does call Miami her "home..." Well, at least when she's in the States.

She also raps, writes, deejays and apparently does a bit of modeling as well. Over the past couple of months, Jovi has grabbed a few endorsements and co-signs from various companies and brands -- most notably a stint with Puma, where she did a fashion spread and campaign in California for one of their new lines.

And while a lot of praise may be swung towards her singing and melodic abilities, Jovi Rockwell is a true hip-hop head. Recently, she released a freestyle track over a reminiscent melody dubbed the "Applebum (Remix)." And yes, it does take influences from A Tribe Called Quest's "Bonita Applebum" as DJ Chong Wizard reworks the track a bit. Jovi drops a couple of verses and the only way to describe her performance is that she was just "straight spittin'." Not only that, but her melodic chorus seals the deal with this one.

What's great about Jovi is that she takes chances with her music and experiments with her voice, her flows and her sound. She can go from making a love song one minute to then doing a straight hip-hop inspired track like this one. It shows her versatility and the endless possibilities of her artistry. Listen to the track below...

MP3: Jovi Rockwell - "Applebum Remix"

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