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Song Spotlight: Lunch Money featuring Pitbull - "I'm A Freak (Remix)"

Lunch Money has been part of Miami's hip-hop scene for a number of years now. He's been a solo artist and has also been involved in a couple group related projects throughout the years. His name has always stayed synonymous with being associated with all the right people.

As of late, Lunch Money has been pursuing the solo thing full-time and has stayed focused on that for the time being. So much so, that he released a song called "I'm A Freak" late last year. The song was produced by super-producer Lu Diaz (one-half of the Diaz Brothers). The percussion-heavy beat supports Lunch Money's borderline raunchy lyrics that may or may not already be considered raunchy depending on who's listening. The song itself is basically an ode to telling your love interest of choice why and how you are a freak. You know, the usual scenario when speaking to the opposite sex.

A couple months passed since the release of the original and recently, Lunch Money saw an opportunity to re-release the song with a new spin. He called upon the assistance of Pitbull (who has a long standing relationship with producer of the track Lu Diaz) to drop a very fitting verse for the remix of "I'm A Freak". Pitbull's contribution is packed with his trademark Latino infused sex-talk for the second verse of the song.

Lunch Money's verses remain the same as the original, so nothing is new on that front. But now with Pitbull added to the dynamics of the song, it definitely brings a different twist. And the song is being dubbed as the official anthem to Memorial Day Weekend Miami 2010. Whether the title will stick is up for discussion, but one thing's for sure: the clubs are going to love this resurfacing of the record. Listen to the song below...

Download: Lunch Money featuring Pitbull - "I'm A Freak (Remix)"

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David "Dro" Rosario