Stonefox Announces Name Change, Releases Velvet Underground Cover

Well that was quick. Although we didn't realize it at the time, New Times Broward-Palm Beach officially ran the last major piece on Stonefox because the band is no more. During Saturday's performance at Propaganda in Lake Worth, Stonefox lead singer Jordan Asher Cruz announced that he, guitarist Dave Barnard, and drummer Jeff Rose would operate under a different name to avoid the eventual legal scrapes that their moniker might cause.

The trio's new name: 

Blond Fuzz.

The change has been reflected on the band's MySpace and Facebook pages. Be sure

to spell it correctly, though, with no "e." Google searches for "blonde

fuzz" direct to pictures of Kanye

West's girlfriend and f*ckyeahilikeboys.tumblr.com

-- which admittedly could be a boon for upping the band's following

within a couple demographics.

As the first offering from Blond Fuzz, check out an MP3 of the band covering the Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat" in raucous fashion. Download the track here.

County Grind readers, what do you think of the new name?

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