Stream: Tune-Yards' w h o k i l l is Spastic Brilliance

Begin today (or any day) with a proper burst of energy courtesy of Tune-Yards' (we're going with this more traditional capitalization scheme from here on out) w h o k i l l. "Bizness" has already been a fave for a little while now.

Now streaming free over at NPR, the second album from the magical mind of Merrill Garbus melds pipe-banging beats, some Afro-pop energy, her insatiable voice, and countless dynamic shifts. The pleasures of "Gangsta" unfold in each unpredictable minute, and although humming along happens early on, the sax-fueled track never lets itself become repetitive. And then it's followed by slower, sultrier "Powa," which further solidifies Garbus' Nina Simone-isms.

Just listen already. It's April, but this is what 2011 should be about. Stream w h o k i l l here.

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