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Subtropical Spin

Again (Eight76 Records)

Like his Eight76 Records label mate DJ Fyah Blaze, Fort Lauderdale crooner Chrisinti (Paul Hudson) is on a rastaman vibration, but his tracks have the right jolt of pop to get your summertime cookout started. The Kingston native's debut, 2003's rootsy Comfort My People, contained more spiritual and political fare, including a collaboration with Capleton for the single "Long Live the King." Chrisinti's sophomore effort, co-written by local über-producer Kenroy "Yahbreeze" Archibald, is an easygoing lovers rock foray à la Glen Washington or Freddie MacGregor.

The catchy cut "Oh Sheila" has a hook that closely resembles Ready for the World's 1985 R&B hit of the same name, but instead of RFTW's plea to a potential lover, "let me love you till the morning comes," Chrisinti's chorus advises a wronged woman to "run that worthless boy there off of your veranda." In "Magic Stuff," a frolicking ska tune with comedic tuba counterpoint, Chrisinti teases his paramour, "Tell me if you want my love, 'cause if you do, I'll give it up." The down-tempo, quiet storm of "Love Is Gonna Keep Us Together" is accented with flamenco-style guitars, giving it a beachy, pastoral feel. Chrisinti picks up his "freedom fighter" banner on a few songs, bracing listeners for hard times with cuts like "Come What May" and "Runnings Run." Again's lead single is a funky, uplifting number called "Ruff Ride," but the track, like the rest of the album, is so jovial and upbeat, it's more like a smooth sail.

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Makkada Selah