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Surfer Blood's "Miranda" Reworked by the Raveonettes' Sune Rose Wagner

The sleepy, odd and musical South Florida community of Lake Worth seems a perfect fit to house South Florida's favorite crooners, Surfer Blood. Lately the guys reside in a charming, baby blue house among rambling homeless folks, buskers bumming cigarettes, and a young populace clad in ridiculous outfits from

World Thrift. With a new EP due out on October 25 and a local show on September 20, this band reaffirms the notion that yes, you really can come home again.

As reported, the new record is entitled Tarot Classics, which as of yesterday is available for pre-order

on their official website. Each pre-order comes with an instant download of

an alternate version of "Miranda,"

which was produced by Sune Rose Wagner, half of the eccentric, noisy,

pop duo the Raveonettes. Preview the "hard-hitting new version" at Rolling Stone's blog.

The first 100 CD orders will be signed by the

band, which is pretty cool and also kind of funny. In addition, there

are two classes of vinyl packages. The standard includes all items in

the CD package, two bonus remixes and a digital download code. The

deluxe version comes on teal vinyl, has a ton of other remixes (who

include versions done by Allen Bickle and School of Seven Bells), a

concert DVD from a show done is Williamsburg earlier this summer, and a

sweet poster. To further propagate the freshness of this, all downloads

are DRM-free!

If you're hard up on cash this week, or if buying things on the internet isn't your deal (which is rare these days, but still legitimate), you could always get your fix of new jams by liking Surfer Blood's official Facebook page. After attaining 37,000 likes, the band will then stream "Voyager Reprise" totes for freesies. Currently, the like count is standing at around 32,000, so get on it.

Before embarking on a tour with legendary indie tastemakers the Pixies, Surfer Blood will perform on Tuesday, September 20 at the Snooze Theatre in Lake Park. They will be sharing the stage with locals Fake Problems and Guy Harvey. This is definitely something not to be missed seeing as it is the town where most of the band grew up, as well as the experience of seeing them in a tiny, unique venue that is run by two legit dudes.

Surfer Blood's new EP Tarot Classics is now available for pre-order at their official website. They will be performing live at The Snooze Theatre in Lake Park, FL on September 20. Doors are set to open at 9 p.m. For more information regarding this event, click here.

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