Surfer Blood's New Song "Miranda" Ready for Peak Consumption

Now that West Palm indie-rock dynamo Surfer Blood is back in South Florida for a little while before some dates opening for the Pixies, there's the potential for some local performances. Friday at Lake Park's Snooze Theatre will be the first. And with local performances, there's the potential for some new material that the guys have honed while out on the road this spring.

One song in particular, which got a run-through back in February at Propaganda, has taken shape as the frothing rock minisuite "Miranda." Based upon video from the band's riotous performances (and Jones Soda debut) in Brooklyn in June as part of the Northside Music Festival, the song has either grown twice as long and excellent or they're in the habit of making a seamless transition to another tune in the same key promptly afterward.

To quote Dr. Dre, call it what you want to. But "Miranda" and its as-yet-untitled closing coda is an imposing new feature in the Surfer Blood live experience.

Here's a well-filmed version courtesy of The L Magazine/Sam Polcer:

It's a little hard to make out the words, but J.P. Pitts is definitely singing "How can you say to me, 'It's not meant to be'?" Unrequited love segueing into a muscular guitar solo? Always a winner around these parts. Mum so far on whether this will be among the new songs that show up on the EP following up Astro Coast hopefully later this year.

At the 3:32 mark, there's a switch to another melody that fits as a companion to the initial burst of "Miranda," and judging by Pitts' using "whoa-whoa-whoa" through its refrain, there could be a bit of this one that they're holding back for now. For an alternate take, check out this performance of the two songs/sections here.

Surfer Blood. With Guy Harvey, Love Handles, and Bigg Dumper. 8 p.m. Friday, July 8 at Snooze Theatre, 798 10th St., Lake Park. Tickets cost $7. Click here.

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