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Tuff Luck Movie "Shows the World What Could Have Been" of the Fort Lauderdale '80s Rockers

Like many other rock legends, Fort Lauderdale's Tuff Luck may never earn the credit it deserves, but one thing's for certain: it will now never be forgotten.

Sure, their hometown may be known as the city that launched Marilyn Manson, Saigon Kick, and the Mavericks into international rock stardom, but way before those guys soared to fame, there was a group of kids who paved the way for future local bands.

"It was really innocent," recalls Tuff Luck frontman Kenny Monroe, who met guitarist Dave Scott and drummer Todd Klein at a bar, later forming their first band, Cryer.

"I had always been a singer. When I joined Cryer, I was a bass player. I wanted to go back to singing. Once I stepped into the plate, it just all fell into place." Taking over vocals and adding James Marino as the bassist, the foursome became Tuff Luck.

"We already had an amazing drummer and an unbelievable guitar player," Monroe adds. "Dave [Scott, the guitarist] had a following. We tried it out, recorded a couple of demos, and never looked back."

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