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Ultra Music Festival

Ultra 2013 Slam Book: Best Bieber, Grossest Pervert, Weirdest Costume, and 13 More!

Photo by Liz Tracy

16. Best Bieber

At first we thought: "Holy shit! That's Justin Bieber at Ultra! Wow! This is better than Madge's crash (and burn) last year!"

Alas! It was merely a cardboard likeness of our favorite pothead newbie. But for desperate Bieber fans like us, any Bieb'll do.

best use of rachet.JPG
Photo by Liz Tracy

14. Best Use of the Word Ratchet

He already sweated off the "t." 'Nuff said.

most reasonable request.jpg
Photo by Ian Witlen

13. Most Reasonable Request

This dude is asking not to get eaten? Come on, bro. You don't look that delicious.

If we were coming in from out of town, we'd ask the same of Miami. No one wants to go on spring break and come back faceless. But doesn't it seem a wee bit foolish to think a guy hungry for flesh would stop and read your shirt first? Just offer him hot sauce and consider this Ultra a bust.

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