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Update: Torche's Steve Brooks Appeared on Fox News' Red Eye

Red Eye seems to be the immature, slightly annoying Fox alternative to high-minded news comedy hours like the Daily Show and Colbert Report; almost like the bratty punks of late-night comedy. But judging by the roster of musicians the show has invited on -- Danzig, Fucked Up, Rob Zombie -- it also seems that Red Eye serves as a home for parts of alternative music culture that would probably never see the Comedy Central studio. That's valuable (right?), even if it fails to set off fireworks throughout the frontal lobe. Fun Red Eye fact: GWAR's Oderus Urungus is a space correspondent. (Read Oderus' take on that here.)

Tonight, On Monday night, South Florida's most notable thunder slingers, Torche, will

make made an appearance on the show. We have the video below.

According to the band's publicist, Red Eye host and mega Torche fan Greg Gutfeld came out for the the band's show with High on Fire and Kylesa last night at New York's Webster Hall. Gutfeld reportedly approached them, gushed about the band, and made arrangements for lead singer/guitarist Steve Brooks (and maybe bassist Jonathan Nunez) to come on tonight last night. The show airs aired at 3 a.m.; other guests include included Michigan Republican Thaddeus McCotter and comedian Tim Shillue.

Update: Watch the video from last night's show featuring both Steve Brooks and Jonathan Nunez below. The first video includes an intro by Red Eye's resident doom metal expert, former presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, who, extolling the many virtues of Torche, says they're "the world's greatest band" and "heavier than something really heavy like a tractor or something."

In the next video, Gutfeld interviews the band members, asking the openly gay Brooks "Do you get lots of groupies?" at one point and later adding, "I could smell David Lee Roth coming out of you." See how it's handled below.

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