Video: The Lonely Island's "I Just Had Sex" is the Best Akon Song Ever

"I just had sex, and I'll never go back/ to the not having sex ways of the past," Akon croons in stylishly auto-tuned fashion on the Lonely Island's latest single, "I Just Had Sex." The song, which premiered on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, picks up the intensity where T-Pain collabo "I'm on a Boat" left off. In the process, it usurps countless Akon duds like "I Wanna Love You" and "Right Now (Na Na Na)" which are almost as funny as this one -- albeit unintentionally. Akon's in on the joke this time, right? Jessica Alba and Blake Lively also log time in this clip as bedmates for Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg respectively. If it can make John McEnroe smile, it's gonna make your face crack wide open.

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