Wilco's Jeff Tweedy Covers Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling"

"I really overestimated myself, or underestimated the Black Eyed Peas," Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy says at the beginning of his performance of "I Gotta Feeling," "My Humps," and "Rock That Body" by the pop act Tuesday evening. "I honestly have no idea which, but it's really not my skill set." Although Tweedy promises it will be bad, and he's visibly cringing the entire time, the alt-country genius proves himself yet again to be one of the best showmen around.

This head-scratching appearance was not amid a Wilco tour -- and not ostensibly a promotional vehicle for the band's new album, The Whole Love, due September 27. Instead, it came as part of a book release show at Chicago's 150-capacity Hideout for rock journalist/journalism professor Dan Sinker, AKA the man behind the fake @MayorEmanuel Twitter page. These expletive-laced tweets paint current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in quite a chortle-filled, spit-your-drink-all-over-your-keyboard kind of light. And judging by video from the night captured by TimeOut Chicago, we think it's OK to laugh at Tweedy.

Although he sings the chorus to "I Gotta Feeling" with apt emotion and actually probably takes a few mental notes, once the verses take over, so does a solid sneer. Still, the completist in Tweedy takes over, and he finishes each song, in visible pain. Let's just say that he'd rather berate the audience for wanting to see him this way than actually incite participation from them.

Bonus! Tweedy did "My Humps" as a befuddled poetry reading. When an audience member corrects him in the middle, he apologizes and gives the man one of the blackest stares you will ever see.

If we get a hold of "Rock That Body," expect to see that here too. [via TimeOut Chicago]

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