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Wish You Were There: Wisin Y Yandel at AAA, on YouTube

Wisin y Yandel were one of the first breakout reggaeton success stories. Now they're claiming they're not reggaeton, just pop, or Latin hip-hop, or whatever. Fair enough. Nobody wants to be associated with a one-dimensional genre, and the survivors are all stepping up their game and trying out new styles. WyY have benefited from the sonic expansion, and still remain popular enough to pack the American Airlines Arena last Thursday, and spur fans to post the party all over YouTube.

It doesn't get more pop than a collabo with T-Pain, and Pain himself popped up for an appearance at the concert. Here's a snippet of that from YouTube user LoFuelte305.

Here's a kind of shaky video of the concert's opening sequence, which seems to indicate Wisin Y Yandel were beamed to us from outer space (that's as good an explanation as any for reggaeton). YouTube user alboloco10 also provides a short, to-the-point review in the "more info" box next to his video: "THIS IS WHEN W&Y CAME OUT & PERFORMED THE FIRST SONG WHICH WAS 'AHORA ES.'


And finally, here's another view of the T-Pain appearance... Pain's chain here is just ridiculous. This video comes from user NappyBoyOnline.


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