YOLO Restaurant Owner in Fort Lauderdale Responds to Drake's Claims

We'd tell you what YOLO stands for, but, as Drake would say: "You already know, though."

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The rapper's been running around the web claiming that Walgreens and shit need to pay him for using his "motto." But if you're from Broward County, you know that we already been YOLO-ing here way before the Canadian rapper hit the airwaves.

The Las Olas restaurant by the same name has been around since 2008, you know, when we knew Drake only as the guy in a wheelchair on Degrassi. New Times Broward-Palm Beach's food blog, Clean Plate Charlie, investigated the legality of Drake's claims, and after talking to the restaurant's owner Tim Petrillo, we got the real juice.

Turns out, the copyright for the term "YOLO" is owned by the restaurant! And Rick Ross' been eating there for years. What's the deal, Bawse? Guess if you only live once, then who cares if you're taking other people's mottos and making them yours.

Anyway, Petrillo said he might even have his lawyers call Drake's first. Eat that, Drizzy. YOLO!

For the full story, visit our food blog Clean Plate Charlie.

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