These guys really like KC! 
These guys really like KC! 
Zebra Tracks

Zebra Tracks May Be a Bunch of Greeks, But They Definitely Dig KC and the Sunshine Band and Surfer Blood

It's not like everyday that a Miami-based, indie record label puts out music by a Greek band. No, not a frat guy band, but one actually from Greece. Owner and Broward native, Brian Kurtz of Limited Fanfare records stepped outside of tri-county lines, and into a Mediterranean shoegaze space with Zebra Tracks.

"Zebra Tracks are the first band on the label who weren't friends or

friends of friends that I decided to put out music for," Kurtz admits. "The band's

manager, Stratos, blindly sent me their record, which wasn't fully

finished at that point, and simply put, I fell in love!" And a beautiful marriage has resulted from this musical romance. These talented Athenians just released their very listenable and rocking sophomore LP Collective Guilt on Kurtz' label.

Turns out Zebra Tracks is also a little in love, but with music from South Florida. "Many times we have listened to Poison the Well during our tours in the

van and we also dig the new Miami bands like Surfer Blood and the

Jacuzzi Boys," the band says, "but without KC there is no party time, man! All time

classic grooves!"

Kurtz describes their sound, "Imagine eating a European smorgasbord of

My Bloody Valentine, Bloc Party, and Muse," adding, "Yum!" Their new

video for "Bicycles" is pretty fun to watch, Greek babes in bathing

suits, stuff like that, but not tacky.

Get Collective Guilt on iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, you name it. You can even download it on

Amazon for $4.99. But you should get it at Limited Fanfare's webstore.


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