Donald Trump Posted and Deleted Tweet About Jeb Bush's Mexican Wife

Despite being fired from several jobs and having his "brand" harmed, Donald Trump is not only not backing down from his Mexican immigrant comments but he's going nuclear against fellow GOP Florida candidate Jeb Bush. At least he was, until he realized that's probably not a good idea.

Over the weekend, coming on the heals of Bush criticizing Trump's remarks, a Donald supporter tweeted at the real estate mogul that Bush probably is cool with Mexican immigrants because his wife, Columba, is one. . 

Trump, seeing that this was a sick burn of the highest order, retweeted this comment and left it there for the internet to see. Then, 24 hours later, as if by wizardry, the tweet was gone.

But because the internet never forgets, the tweet was screen-grabbed and continues to live, like a bigoted Frankenstein monster.

According to Media Matters, the tweet remained on Trump's account for at least a full day before it was deleted. Meanwhile, Trump appeared on Fox & Friends to admit that while his comments about Mexican immigrants' being rapists and drug pushers might have been unwise, it doesn't make it untrue — despite glaring evidence against everything he said about Mexican immigrants.

On June 16, Trump released a live-video feed announcing that he was throwing his hat into the 2016 White House ring. But during the speech, Trump made disparaging remarks about undocumented Mexicans that make their way into the States, saying, "They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists."

He also flippantly threw in: "And some, I assume, are good people."

While appearing on the Fox News program, Trump brought up a case of a Mexican man who came into the United States illegally and was charged with murder in San Francisco last week and used this isolated incident as proof that immigrants who cross the border illegally are rapists (though some, he assumes, are good):

"We have many cases like this, but nobody wants to talk about it. It seems like I’m sort of the whipping post because I bring it up, and I don’t understand, ’cause whether you’re liberal, whether you’re conservative, whether you’re Republican, Democrat, why wouldn’t you talk about a problem?" Trump said. "There’s tremendous crime, and it’s the, you know, illegal immigration is just incredible. You know, you talk about terrorism, and the terrorists, they’re going to come in from the southern border too, because it’s the easiest thing; you just walk right in. What’s going on in the country is incredible. The crime is raging. It’s raging, and it’s violent, and people don’t even want to talk about it. And if you talk about it, you’re a racist. I don’t understand it."

All this while most of Trump's fellow GOP presidential candidates have been distancing themselves from these comments. Bush, however, had the strongest language against Trump, calling the comments "ugly" and "not reflective of the Republican Party."

Bush's comments on Trump came on July 4  — more than two weeks after Trump made his comments — and the former Florida governor was careful to say that he doesn't believe Trump thinks every Mexican crossing the border is a rapist, even though Trump kind of said those very words.

“He’s doing this — he’s not a stupid guy, so I don’t assume he thinks that every Mexican crossing the border is a rapist," Bush said. "He’s doing this to inflame and incite and to draw attention, which seems to be the organizing principle of his campaign.”
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