Florida Black Bear Crashes Toddler's Birthday Party

A black bear decided that he too wanted to have some delicious cake and a fun bag filled with dollar-store yo-yos and Iron Man stickers, so he decided to crash a toddler's birthday party over the weekend.

According to WKMG CBS News-6 in Orlando, the bear was spotted in the neighborhood for a few days. But on Saturday, it walked in on the birthday party, sending parents into a tizzy and forcing a call to the folks at Florida Fish and Wildlife.

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The FWC arrived, and about 30 minutes after the bear wandered into the party and put on a blindfold to whack the pinata, they shot it with a tranquilizer dart.

Officials had been monitoring the bear for a few days, waiting for it to walk back into the woods. But then it sauntered on over to the party going down on Pinto Way in Orlando.

According to the report, the kids were in the bounce house when the bear wanted into the back yard party. It climbed over a fence and walked on over, hoping that it too could take part in the bounce house fun. Probably not, though, because its bear claws could rupture the bounce house. This is why bears are always so ornery.

Anyway, while the kids were probably excited about seeing a real-life bear and maybe even thinking it was part of the party's entertainment, parents were not so fired up about it.

"We kept the kids away because they don't know about the dangers with the bears," said Yvette Picasso, who attended the party.

The bear eventually made its way up a tree, and FWC officers shot it with a tranquilizer dart.

According to the report, the bear will most likely be transported to the Ocala National Forest.

This is the second time in a matter of months in which a black bear wandered into someone's house and made itself at home.

In August, a kid found a black bear asleep in his home's lanai.

That bear eventually woke up and wandered back into the woods.

No word if it's the same bear from the birthday party.

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