Florida GOP Debate Drinking Game

Four presidential candidates from Florida and a bunch of other guys are all set to have the first GOP debate tonight, and it promises to be a doozy. Mainly because there are so many of them — ten candidates in all onstage —  and also because of a weird arbitrary way that Fox News decided (i.e., by poll popularity) who would participate and who would have to sit this one out.

The important thing, however, is that all Florida-based candidates are in. And that's good news, because four out of ten gives Florida the odds that it will be represented by a GOP candidate come November 2016, which will be a misadventure all its own. 

There's Donald Trump — who has ties to Palm Beach and leads the pack in the polls. Then there are former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, and West Palm Beach neurosurgeon Ben Carson

So while many might be doing GOP debate drinking games, we're going to focus solely on these fantastic four. Because, FLORIDA! 

Below are the rules. FLAME ON!:

Take one shot:

- Donald Trump mentions his wealth and acumen as a deal-maker

- Jeb Bush mentions "how I did it" when he was governor

- Ben Carson insults Obama

- Marco Rubio mentions Cuba 

- Marco Rubio refers to Obama as "this president"

- Ben Carson insults the gays

- Donald Trump uses the term "make America great again"

- Jeb Bush speaks his mangled Spanish

- When either of the four says "take America back"

- Ben Carson compares today's America to Nazi Germany 

Take two shots:

- Anytime one of the four mentions Benghazi (BONUS: three shots if it's Carson)

- Anytime Jeb Bush tilts his head and smirks

- Ben Carson gets to speak more than twice during the night

- Trump doubles down on his Mexican rant (BONUS: three shots when the crowd applauds his doubling down on his Mexican rant)

- Trump compares himself to Ronald Reagan

- Rubio compares himself to Kennedy

- Jeb Bush compares himself to his father

Take three shots:

- When Donald Trump denies global warming is caused by man

- When Jeb Bush denies global warming is caused by man

- When Marco Rubio denies global warming is caused by man

- When Ben Carson blames global warming on Obama while denying that it is caused by man

- When Marco Rubio calls himself a "son of exiles" (even though he's technically not)

- When Jeb Bush mentions Hillary Clinton

- When Donald Trump makes a joke rather than answers a question directly 

One shot with a beer chaser:

- Donald Trump mentions he has a great relationship with the Mexicans, the blacks, and/or the gays

- Jeb Bush tries to deflect comparisons to his brother

- Ben Carson gets to answer more than three questions

- Marco Rubio mentions his love of hip-hop

- Marco Rubio tells the crowd he's not a scientist

- Any candidate mentions "all lives matter"

BONUS: Drink the remaining alcohol:

- As soon as Donald Trump takes to Twitter to announce himself the winner of the debate and/or retweets his supporters calling him the winner.

Tonight's debate will air at 9 p.m. on Fox News and will be streamed live at and on the Fox News app.
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