Florida Woman Illegally Rides Manatee Like a Horse in Siesta Key Waters

People can't seem to stop being stupid and treating manatees like they're playthings to jump on top of and ride like a horse.

Just a day after two dolts jumped on top of a mother manatee and her calf, comes an WFLA report of a woman leaping on a manatee and trying to ride it like that kid does the giant dog in The Neverending Story.

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The woman was actually caught on video by a WFLA news chopper, as she swam in the waters of Siesta Key.

She and another man waded towards a herd of manatees that had gathered in the shallows of a sand bar. The woman decided that watching the majestic beauty of manatees swimming in the wild wasn't quite enough of an experience, so she decided to hop on top of one and ride it like a pony.

She then hopped off the animal, and touched it again. Because, they really love when people ride them like a horse and then keep prodding them.

The man then joined in on the manatee molestation-grabass-palooza.

This, of course, conjures up memories of the Original Manatee Molester, Ana Gloria Garcia-Gutierrez, who was arrested late last year after she hopped on top of a manatee swimming off the waters of Gulf Pier in St. Petersburg.

WFLA took their video of the Siesta Key Manatee Molester to a Florida Fish and Wildlife officer, totally ratting her out.

But that's a good thing, because aside from molesting manatees being a dumb thing to do, it's also a violation of the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act, which states that it is illegal for people to "intentionally or negligently" attempt to "molest, harass, or disturb any manatee."

And that falls under "trying to ride a manatee like a goddamn rodeo bull"

If convicted, the penalty is up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

So, for, for the last time, please stop touching, prodding, feeding, grabbing, poking, dry humping, and otherwise molesting all the manatees you run into in the wild.

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