Llama on the Loose in Florida Is Tasered and Captured

A llama was out on the loose and running amok through the streets of Tallahassee over the weekend, as llamas are wont to do when they bust of their pens.

This particular llama, named Scooter, was quite the menace, outrunning cops and authorities, hopping over fences, and being quite the slippery llama.

Scooter eventually had to be taken down with a Taser.

Scooter The Llama is a 7-year-old llama, and stands at about 6-feet. He had escaped from his pen sometime Friday night.

His owner, Jack Conrad, searched for Scooter all throughout the morning on Saturday with no luck.

Leon County Lt. Tony Drzewiecki said the concern was that Scooter might scamper out into a road and cause an accident, what with people freaking out over a llama running into the road seemingly out of nowhere.

Police even had residents calling in reports of a camel and an alpaca on the loose, which Scooter probably didn't appreciate. "I'm a llama, goddammit!" Scooter probably thought to himself.

Cops eventually found Scooter on Saturday and were able to get a lasso around his neck. But it took six officers to get him into a trailer. Scooter was not going down without a fight, because screw THE MAN!

Llamas apparently don't respond to voice commands. They also spit at people when they feel threatened.

Llamas are kind of assholes, really.

When they couldn't get him to cooperate, cops decided to Taser Scooter, and finally got him into the trailer and back to Conrad, who will not be cited for the incident.

Llamas are considered a domestic species and do not require a permit. Like a giant dog with a really long neck that spits at people.

Conrad has, however, agreed to make his fence more secure so that Scooter, and his other two llamas, think twice about trying to make a break for it.

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