Olivia Sprauer, Taylor Chapman, and Chris Bosh: The Pulp's Ten Most Popular Stories of 2013

Well, here we are. 2013 is about to be kaput. A brand new year filled with crazy Florida news stories awaits us. Whatever 2014 brings, we're sure it's going to be pretty nuts, pretty wild, and pretty fantastic. We hope you come along for the ride, just as you did...
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Well, here we are. 2013 is about to be kaput.

A brand new year filled with crazy Florida news stories awaits us.

Whatever 2014 brings, we're sure it's going to be pretty nuts, pretty wild, and pretty fantastic.

We hope you come along for the ride, just as you did all this year.

But before we take that leap forward, we want to take a quick look back at the ten most popular and most read stories on the Pulp in the past year.

We covered everything on this here blog: from animal stories to horrible racist people to teachers who became Hustler magazine models to Chris Bosh's being awesome.

And at least one story where a guy's penis had a tragic run-in with a spinning blade.

Yup. The Pulp gonna Pulp!

Here now are the Pulp stories that nearly broke the internet in 2013:

10.) Olivia Sprauer, Teacher Fired for Being Too Sexy: A Glimpse Inside Her Real Life Olivia Sprauer became famous for being fired as a teacher at Martine County High for being a Eye Candy model. And readers really took to her story. But we here at The Pulp decided to dig deeper on her life, and decided to rummage through her Facebook and post her pictures and things she wrote. And our readers loved us for it!

9.) Pit Bulls Much Less Aggressive Than Other Breeds, Study Says People love their pit bulls. And so when it was rumored that a possible ban on the dogs was coming down to Broward, the Internet revolted. We were able to help fight the good fight of battling the unfair stigma pit bulls get by publishing this study that showed they aren't as bad as their reputation makes them out to be.

8.) Nude Teen Girl Photos Are Allegedly Cypress Bay High School Students A website that posts sexually explicit photos of teenaged girls had reportedly put up photos of students from Cypress Bay High School, according to morning show DJs at Power 96. The nude photos of the students appear to have been taken by the girls themselves on their smartphones. School officials were made aware of the photos, and a report had been filed to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website.

7.) Chris Bosh's Greatest GIFs
Chris Bosh is the gift that keeps on giving. Be it him playing great defense, or hitting a game-winning shot. But, really, we love him because he's the Heat's Clown Prince of Awesome. And, in this post where we presented his best moments in .Gif form, the entire world got to fall in love with BoshyBear just as we have. And, in a year filled with so many tragedies and craziness, it's heartwarming to us that so many were filled with joy with this post.

6.) 18 Reasons Why Gators Fans Are the Worst This one riled up Gators fans the world over, for obvious reasons. But when you're the most insufferable fan base in college sports, and you also walk around in mullets and jorts, it would be a crime NOT to share that with the world!

5.) Taylor Chapman, Most Hated Person On The Internet, Gets Fired Pulp readers really took to our coverage of Taylor Chapman (see #3 below), the Broward woman that berated a Dunkin Dounts employee on video with racist remarks when the employee failed to give her a receipt. Chapman quickly became the most hated person on the Internet. People love to read about people being despicable. But if there's one thing people really love, it's when a horrible person like Chapman gets their comeuppance, like when the marketing firm she worked for shitcanned her.

4.) PalmCon Probably the Most Depressing Comic Book Convention in History All of the nerds took exception to us poking a little fun at their cosplay. Whoops.

3.) Taylor Chapman, Local Racist Who Hates Dunkin' Donuts, Is Engaged To a Criminal There's Taylor Chapman again. This time, we reported on her fiancé, Sean Hosch, who had been charged with reckless driving and with possession of a controlled substance, possession of cannabis, burglary of an unoccupied structure, and two counts of grand theft of a motor vehicle. They seemed to be the perfect douchey couple, and readers ate it all up.

2.) Florida Man Has Penis Sliced Off in Temp-Job Accident
We seemed to hit the zeitgeist in the most unfortunate way imaginable here at The Pulp: by telling the world about the poor guy that got his penis sliced off with a foam cutting machine at a temp job he had taken. Readers where both aghast and fascinated by this tale of a man who sued the temp agency that gave him a job that eventually cost him his dick.

1.) Kayla Mendoza's Family Finally Speaks: "Someone Hacked Her Twitter" Like Tracy Chapman, Kayla Mendoza seemed to hit a nerve, and people wanted more. Mendoza made the news when she drove down the wrong way on the Sawgrass Expressway and killed two people when she crashed into them. She had tweeted out "2 drunk 2 care" hours before the tragic accident. And while her whole story was a popular one here at The Pulp, it was her family telling us that her twitter had been hacked that seemed to garner the most reads. Send your story tips to the author, Chris Joseph. Follow Chris Joseph on Twitter

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