Oneal Morris, Miami's Alleged Fix-a-Flat Butt Enhancement "Nurse," Arrested on Broward Charges

Oneal Morris was arrested in Miami last November on charges that she gave back-room plastic surgery to several people using mixtures of super glue, cement, mineral oil, and Fix-a-Flat tire fluid. She told Entertainment Tonight that "I really am innocent or whatever," and Miami court records indicate she had a hearing on those charges scheduled for April 5.

But police say she's been doing the same butt-enhancement surgeries here in Broward, and a ridiculously worded

BSO news release says Morris turned herself in yesterday on charges of practicing medicine without a license and practicing medicine without a license resulting in serious injury.

Under the headline "FAKE NURSE IS A REAL PAIN IN THE REAR," the release explains that "three women looking for rounder rears were left with problems in the posterior after their medical professional turned out to be anything but."

More like "anything butt," eh?

No, but really -- one of Morris' patients came forward in November after her facial implants went totally wrong, and it's a terrible situation. These people don't get an itchy rash and take a few pills -- they're disfigured, permanent-style.

Two of the victims, 41-year-old Lournise Linton and 36-year-old Ophelia Parker, told police they met with Morris three years ago in a Dania Beach Motel 6 for "buttocks injections." Morris was wearing a nurse's uniform and some kind of photo ID but kept the butt juice in a Pedialyte bottle and accidentally super-glued a cotton ball to one victim's hindquarters. The procedure cost more than $3,000.

A third victim had a butt-enhancement procedure done in her home in March 2009; all three ended up needing medical care. Morris, who is legally identified as a man, is listed by police as having a Hollywood address, but it's a FedEx box.

The Broward Sheriff's Office is asking that anyone else who got butt enhancement from Morris alert local authorities or the Florida Department of Health's Unlicensed Activity Program at 877-425-8852.

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