"Operation Cheap Trick": Ladies of Lake Worth and the Johns Who Love Them

The PBSO booking blotter tells a routinely depressing story about Friday's "Operation Cheap Trick," the Sheriff's Office sting that netted four prostitutes and 18 good-time guys who hit up the wrong girl at the wrong time: They solicited lady police officers dressed like tramps. According to a PBSO news release, complaints from Lake Worth residents were behind the sting. Dixie Highway is now a kinder, gentler place.

Two of the four hookers were charged with felony prostitution: Marilyn Keating and Tammi Moreno had a bunch of priors, for prostitution and, not surprisingly, drug offenses ranging from possession of a controlled substance to paraphernalia. Keating had also been previously arrested for burglary and petit theft. The other two women, Misty Perkins and Patricia Hall, got off with misdemeanors, since Friday night's shakedown was technically a first offense for both (Perkins had loitering and other minor infractions, including hanging out in a park after hours).

The operation scooped up more Johns than Janes: 18 potential customers, most of whom had no priors in Palm Beach County and were released on $250 bond or on their own recognizance. They were:  Brent Patterson, Orville Spencer, John Hyland, Kenneth Jackson, Refugio Hernandez, Ariel Leon, Gustavo Ingaramo, Carlos Santo, Yoel Puig, Francisco Serrano, Christopher Kenol, Charles Chariemagne, Victor Martinez, Juan Ruiz, Philippe Sonique, Roberto Juan, Willy Pascual, and Joseph Charles.

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