Palm Beach Elementary School On Lockdown Because of a Bobcat

A Palm Beach County elementary school was put on lockdown this morning because apparently there was a bobcat on the loose in the area.

And what with this being Florida, where sharks swim in shallow waters, and alligators appear in public park soccer fields, and bears take naps on people's porches, and snakes kill pets, and cats with rabies roam the streets with herpes monkeys, it was probably a good idea to keep the kids in their classes until the animal was captured.

Luckily for everyone, it was.

School officials at Grove Park Elementary, located at 8330 North Military Trail, said they put the school on lockdown early Monday morning as authorities looked for the bobcat.

The animal was eventually spotted and captured not too far from the school.

The lockdown was lifted at 10:20 a.m. and everything is fine now.

There were no injuries and the bobcat was never actually in the school.

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