Reward for Missing Davie Cats Upped to $30,000

Last month, animal lover Steve Rosen offered a reward of  $20,000 for his seven missing cats. 

Although one of his felines, named Bandit, has since returned unharmed, six remain at large — and to find them, Rosen has raised the reward to a whopping $30,000. He hopes the increase will stir up temptation. "If someone knows something and they're not going to talk for $20,000, maybe a raise will get them talking," said Rosen, 64, of Davie. "I’m hoping someone is willing to squawk."

He knows this is unusual. "How many people have put up a $20,000 or a $30,000 reward for the return of their cats?" he asks. "It seems so outrageous; that’s why I did it. It's the shock effect. I think it will stir some clues up."

A retired dentist and businessman, Rosen made national news in 2002 for saving 500 black-tailed jackrabbits from woods near Miami International Airport. He began taking cats in as they would show up to his door. "You take one in and another one," he explained. "And then before you know it, you end up with a bunch of cats."

Currently, he cares for a colony of roughly 30 cats, all of which are microchipped, plus a parrot and a rooster. He created a customized home for them inside a commercial warehouse in Davie, which is the place from which they disappeared.

So far, Rosen's relentless search efforts have cost him serious coin. He's hired private detectives and installed $10,000 worth in security cameras on his property. 

If you have any information about his cats, contact Steve Rosen at 954-309-4845. And don't hold off — he says he won't increase the reward any further.
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Andrea Richard