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The Daily Beast Ranks West Palm Beach as the 31st Smartest City

​South Florida boasts some of the world's more beautiful people, but we don't claim to have the brainiest.

Yes, we have universities. But out of all the universities in the country, ours are picked last for basketball.

The Daily Beast just released its first "America's Smartest Cities - From First to Worst" list. Out of the 55 metropolitan areas rated, West Palm Beach came in as the 31th smartest city. The problem is, by comparison, it's also the 24th dumbest city.

Our friends in Fort Lauderdale didn't even make the list.

On this list, measured the collective brainpower of America's 55 biggest metropolitan hot spots in weighted percentages by how many people have bachelor's degrees (35 percent) and how many have master's degrees (15 percent).

Then the site used Nielsen BookScan to measure how many nonfiction books were sold in each area (25 percent). After that, it used the federal government's definition of "instutition of high education" to measure the ratio to population (15 percent) and finally, how many people voted in the last presidential election (10 percent).

Alas, we take what we can. Sometimes when you want a rockin' bod and long gorgeous locks, you have to release your hold on the thought of a bachelor's degree. 

Thankfully, West Palm Beach is slightly brainier than Miami, which ranked 47th out of 55. But that might be because the city's celebrity population is too busy being rich and powerful.

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Devin Desjarlais

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