Will Florida Ban Texting and Driving? Probably Not, but Here Are Other Things to Avoid Doing Behind the Wheel

​Will Florida soon be among the 36 states to ban texting and driving? According Handsfreeinfo.com, probably not.

The website's mission is to reduce confusion over state laws and legislation about using cell phones while driving. It opines that new Florida Gov. Rick Scott "does not appear to support a hand-held cell phone ban." And last year's state Legislature rejected every bill proposing to restrict or ban drivers from using hand-held electronic and cellular devices. 

No doubt about it -- texting behind the wheel is dangerous, but as these drivers below show, there are a few other things you probably shouldn't do while driving.

3. Don't Read and Drive
This man literally has a novel at the wheel. We aren't sure if the people filming him aren't just as distracted -- we're just glad we weren't driving anywhere near them while this was going on.

2. Don't Flash and Drive
This girl proves that flashing is guaranteed to be something you most certainly always regret doing afterward. We're pretty sure her friend did too.

1. Don't Pet Your Parrot and Drive
Sounds a little weird, right? Just watch. Even if the girl filming this video says otherwise, there's no way that isn't just as bad as taking your attention off the road to ping your buddy back about happy hour. 

Maybe it's just us, but texting and walking can be just as dangerous.

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