100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes: "Yum Yum" Korean Pork Tacos From Nacho Bizness

As a countdown to the Best of Broward Palm Beach 2011,

coming in June, Clean Plate Charlie is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in South Florida.

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No. 98: "Yum Yum" Korean Pork Tacos From Nacho Bizness

Fort Lauderdale's favorite taco cart, Nacho Bizness, feels like it was transplanted from some faraway beach in Mexico. That's because Aaron Byers, NB's surfer-dude owner, projects a lost-coast vibe into the internationally themed tacos and burritos he creates out of his 8-by-10-foot metal trailer.

What's good to get at Nacho Bizness? The fish tacos are spot-on, of course. But we also crave the spicy Korean pulled pork taco that Byers has affectionately dubbed the "yum yum." In it, tender shredded pork is paired with sweet chili oil and the cooling breeze of diced cucumbers. Add some rice and beans here, a little chipotle sour cream there and it's a taco that hits every wave -- spicy, crunchy, cool, meaty, tangy, sour, and sweet. "Yum yum" is right. Nacho Bizness moves around a lot, but finding it is a breeze. Just keep tabs via Facebook or Twitter, which Byers updates daily with his whereabouts.

Nacho Bizness
Twitter: @nachobizness

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