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14. Lobster Special at Miller's Ale House in Fort Lauderdale

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14. The Lobster Special at Miller's Ale House in Fort Lauderdale

Picture it -- a bucket of beer paired with tangles of onion rings, boneless chicken wings, and a Maine lobster. It doesn't get much classier unless of course, you were eating it in a tux.

Lobster may not come screaming to mind when one thinks about dining at a sports bar, especially one that is (gasp) a chain restaurant. Truthfully, I watched in horror as my friend ordered the Maine lobster special at the Ale House in Fort Lauderdale. Had someone slipped a mickey into her Coors Light? 

When it arrived, I was invited to have a taste, and much to my amazement, it was wonderful. The sweet, tender lobster meat was cooked perfectly, not rubbery as I'd expected. Surely, the lobster is frozen? Not so. The live crustaceans are flown in from Maine and cooked fresh. On Wednesdays, for $14.95 you can score a 1¼-pound lobster, two sides, and a thick slice of Texas toast.

Swilling cheap beer, eating claw meat, and licking drawn butter from your fingers? It's not the worst way to spend a Hump Day. Don't forget to sport a fancy, plastic lobster bib for that extra touch of class.

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