1500 Degrees Wins Top Award at JA World Uncorked

This weekend's JA World Uncorked saw hundreds of happy people eating food from south Florida's best restaurants, drinking fine wines, and enjoying a special selection of craft beers.

Though all bites were delicious, some plates were outstanding. These dishes won the coveted Clean Plate Charlie awards, in several categories:

Best Plate
1500° at the Eden Roc Miami Beach won for chef Paula DaSilva's refreshing and savory gazpacho with shrimp. The cool sip finished with a hint of heat, making it an elegant and memorable dish.

Best Presentation
White Apron's chefs not only wowed guests by custom-making risotto to order, but presented the creamy rice in a paper cone, with an earth-friendly wooden fork to make eating easy.

Most Unique Bite
Cake Delirium went all out, serving an elaborate display of treats including red velvet cake push-pops that made us all feel like kids again.

Best Burger Bite
Bite Gastrotruck's Ron Kerr made an exquisite burger that was juicy, rich, and flavorful. Kerr elevated the burger from a humble sandwich to a meal fit for royalty.

Best Sweet Treat
Kilwin's won everyone's hearts with their ice creams. The only problem? How to choose a favorite between decadent flavors like toasted coconut, caramel fudge, and coffee. The solution? Don't play favorites and just enjoy.

Best Brew
Tap 42's Old Fashioned Beer Cocktail proved that there's more to a bottle of brew than meets the eye. Although there were some great craft beers available at Uncorked, the creativity and sheer deliciousness of Tap 42's old fashioned made it award-worthy.

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