16 Bands Named After Food

Over the years, eating has inspired music and musicians. Anyone's who's ever spent time in a studio knows how much a takeout gutbomb can help nail down that pesky chorus you've been working on all night.

Favorite musician meals is a different blog post, however. Bands that actually took their name from an edible item need to be held accountable.

Apologies to the 1910 Fruitgum Company.

16. The Sea and Cake
Big Hit: "Sound and Vision," 2000
Origin of name: A misunderstanding. Fellow Chicago post-rockers Gastr Del Sol had a tune, "The C in Cake," that was misheard.

15. Bread

Big Hit: "Make It With You," 1970
Origin of name: When David Gates started the band in 1969, bread and money were synonymous.

14. Martha and the Muffins
Big Hit: "Echo Beach," 1985
Origin of name: The soft spongy name kept these Canadian new-wavers from getting lumped with aggressive punk rock.

13. Pearl Jam
Big Hit: "Jeremy," 1992
Origin of name: Though Eddie Vedder had a great grandmother named Pearl, her skill set did not include the creation of peyote-based jellies.

12. Blind Melon
Big Hit: "No Rain," 1993
Origin of name: A bastardization of bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson, first attempted by none other than Cheech and Chong.

11. Meat Loaf
Big Hit: "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad," 1977
Origin of name:

Marvin Lee Aday's first band was Meat Loaf Soul, which became Popcorn

Blizzard, then Floating Circus, and then just Meat Loaf. 

10. Sugar
Big Hit: "If I Can't Change Your Mind," 1992
Origin of name: Bob Mould's second band was slightly sweeter than Husker Du?

9. Peaches
Big Hit: "Fuck the Pain Away," 2000
Origin of name: At the end of Nina Simone's "Four Women," she yells, "My name is Peaches!"

8. Apples in Stereo
Big Hit: "Strawberryfire," 1999
Origin of name: Inspired by the Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd song "Apples and Oranges." 

7. Black Eyed Peas
Big Hit: "Got a Feeling," 2009
Origin of name: Scored well in test trials.

6. Hot Chocolate
Big Hit: "You Sexy Thing," 1975
Origin of name: Singer

Mavis Staples, who worked in London at Apple Corps press office under

the Beatles, came up with the Hot Chocolate Band in 1969. 

5. Cream
Big Hit: "Sunshine of Your Love," 1967
Origin of name: Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, and Eric Clapton were called by some the "cream of the crop" of the British blues scene.

4. Jawbreaker
Big Hit: "Kiss the Bottle," 1992
Origin of name: Broken teeth and hardcore emo go hand-in-hand.

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers
Big Hit: "Under the Bridge," 1992
Origin of name: Anagram for sock penis sell-outs.

2. Papas Fritas
Big Hit: "Far From an Answer," 2000
Origin of name: French fries en español; the band's third LP was Pop Has Freed Us.

1. Mighty Lemon Drops
Big Hit: "The Other Side of You," 1986
Origin of name: Well, they started out as the Sherbet Monsters, so they were somewhat progressive in that sense.

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