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29. Chris and Jordan Bellus of Laser Wolf

New Times' Best Of Broward-Palm Beach 2013 issue arrives June 13. To celebrate, Clean Plate Charlie is serving up 30 of our favorite tastemakers -- restaurateurs, chefs, bartenders, and other foodies who make the South Florida food scene what it is. We'll start with number 30 and lead up to South Florida's number one. All are previous Tastemakers are listed at the end of the post.

If you haven't noticed, Broward and Palm Beach residents are kinda into their beer. So it would make sense that beer bars are an integral component to the overall tastemaking scene.

Native Floridians, co-owners, and brothers Chris and Jordan Bellus wanted to improve the city of Fort Lauderdale. In 2011, the two introduced Laser Wolf as an alternative to the rowdy crowds of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Although they often get a lot of flack for being called a "hipster bar," that's not what they aim to be; their focus is on creating neighborhood atmosphere, where you could come as you are, with good beer away from downtown and the beach. In support of the community, the bar occasionally hosts events to support the local scene. In their small, out-of-the-way storefront, the Bellus brothers can be found serving a large selection of craft beer -- many special releases that can be found only at a couple of other spots in Broward -- six nights of the week.

The most influential person in my career has been:
As far as someone around here who works in beer, Don Singleton at Fat Cat's cares and knows more about craft beer than almost anyone else. He's been one of our biggest supporters; he's like the more the merrier in terms of other people doing the craft beer thing.

When I'm alone and in need of comfort (and no one is there to watch or judge), the one food or drink I turn to is:
Jordan: Cigar City Jai Alai and a McRib.
Chris: An IPA and homemade mac and cheese.

What does Broward/Palm Beach food scene need more of?
Small, local businesses. And more support from local government and the community.

You get to vote one food or beverage trend off the island forever -- what is it?
Jordan: Fast food -- aside from the McRib.
Chris: Fake craft beers and flavored vodka.

You have unlimited funds to open a restaurant or bar -- what's the name, and what do you serve?
Jordan: Spacetiger -- beer.
Chris: I'd like to continue doing craft beer, but with a bigger capacity. And craft cocktails -- but no stupid cocktail names.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Jordan: Here still -- hopefully slimmer.
Chris: Behind the bar. We already try to make improvements whenever we think of something. I hope to be here forever.

Dream dinner party for six: Who (living or dead) are you inviting?

  • Easy E

  • Notorious B.I.G.

  • Tupac

  • Bleubird

  • Protoman

  • Jabrjaw

  • Kurt Cobain

  • Jim Morrison

  • The Black Angels -- all of them

  • Snoop Dog Lion -- for the party favors

30. Robyn Almodovar of Palate Party Food Truck

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