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100 Favorite Dishes

29. Oysters From G&B Oyster Bar

As a countdown to the Best Of Broward/Palm Beach 2012, coming in June, Clean Plate Charlie is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in South Florida. Send your own nominations here.

No. 29: Oysters From G&B Oyster Bar
There are several focal points in the beautiful-yet-minimalist design of the new oyster bar from the guys at neighboring Coconuts. There's the giant TV on the back wall that shows a real-time simulcast from the Intracoastal. There's the beautiful bar that separates the inside from the out. And then there's what this place is all about: the shucked-as-you-watch oyster bar in the back. Above the two gents 

working the oyster knife is a slanted mirror that's pure dinnertime entertainment. Order a dozen mixed and you'll watch them hunt around for the sweet ones from the Pacific Northwest or the meatier New England varieties. Go for the baked, like the Rockefeller number pictured here, and they come from the kitchen. No entertainment value there, but whether raw or cooked, nobody in South Florida has a more diverse and fresh selection of the ocean's most interesting mollusk. 

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