53. Pear and Fennel Soup From 11th Street Annex

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53. Pear and Fennel Soup from 11th Street Annex
After a weeklong, post-Easter break, the Two Ugly Sisters -- real-life sisters Jonny Altobell and Penny Sanfilippo -- are back in full force cooking up a lunch menu that changes on a daily basis. Because the ladies at 11th Street Annex (Two Ugly Sisters is the name of their catering business) serve up an ever-changing menu, it would pay to call ahead to see if they are serving a particular dish if that's what you're hankering for.

Better yet, relax and trust that whatever they are serving -- say, this velvety cream soup perfumed with the licorice whiff of fennel and lightly sweetened with pear -- will be just divine. The brief, daily menu always includes at least one meatless option. But word to the wise: They don't take cards, so be sure to bring cash for your lunch. 

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