66. Fresh Pulled Mozzarella From Da Campo Osteria

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66. Super Mozzarella from da Campo Osteria

Admit it, dining out is always more entertaining when a possible injury is involved. Who can resist watching bartenders twirl glass bottles, bronzed men at Polynesian shows twirling fire batons between their legs, or waiters twirling fresh mozzarella after pulling it out of a bowl of scalding-hot water? 

At Da Campo Osteria, located in the il Lugano Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, a (well-gloved) wait staff arrives tableside to prepare fresh mozzarella for the restaurant's signature "Fresh Pulled Mozzarella" appetizer. After a bit of kneading and twirling, a glossy pillow of cheese emerges  from a steaming bowl of water and milk enzymes and is plated amid a variety of Italian favorites, including prosciutto di parma, roasted tomatoes, and fig balsamico. Before being served to eager diners, the dish is finished with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and a sprinkle of sea salt. 

For those hoping to thrill (or possibly traumatize) houseguests by making pulled mozzarella at home, Da Campo Osteria offers how-to instructions during its new, monthly Chef's Night series led by its executive chef, Joseph Quinn. In addition to making cheese, diners who are registered for the series, which begins April 11, will learn how to prepare a classic Italian entrée (which is paired with wine) and a dessert.

Buon Appetito e buona fortuna! 

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