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81. Macarons From Le Macaron French Cafe

We're counting down to New Times' Best Of Broward/Palm Beach 2012 issue in June by serving up our top hundred favorite dishes. Click here for a full archive. If you have any nominations of your own, please add them to the comments or visit our Facebook page.

81. Macarons from Le Macaron French Cafe

New Times critic Melissa McCart nailed it last December when she counted down the five reasons macarons trump cupcakes in the battle for cute sweet treat supremacy. The delectable French cookies from this Fort Lauderdale bakery/coffee-shop are petite and quaint -- sugary enough to satisfy a craving but not so rich as to leave you in sugar shock.

With so many tasty flavor combos, it's difficult to choose just one. Basil and white chocolate is creative and a bit unexpected, while chocolate ginger marries two flavors that should spend more time together in mainstream snacks. Classic pistachio always fulfills its duties. But for the most refreshing treat, the vote lies with the bright and simple lemon. Tart and tangy, it's reminiscent of the glazed lemon cakes that grandmothers in the Midwest would pop out of the oven just in time for the Saturday-afternoon family reunion up the road. It's good because it isn't trying to be; it just is. 

Le Macaron French Cafe, 1912 Cordova Road. Call 954-990-7904.

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