86. Lentil Soup From Boca Skewers

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86. Lentil Soup from Boca Skewers

Lentil soup is a simple standby in many Greek and Mediterranean restaurants -- a common starting point that stands between you and your platter of roasted lamb or any number of fire-kissed meats. But too often, the soup is thin and oversalted, tasting more like "hot ham water" than anything else.

The lentil soup at Boca Skewers -- which earlier this week got a little love for being one of the best choices for Mediterranean eats in South Florida -- is not the typical premeal throwaway. Smooth but hearty, the thick broth has a nicely spiced bite and a velvety texture that sticks to the ribs. Order a bowl with a side of hummus or the spinach pie and you've got a supercheap dinner that satisfies.

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