All-You-Can-Eat Stone Crab: Two Deals for Claw Lovers

Stone crab season -- at least one of the top five reasons to live in South Florida -- kicked off in mid-October. If you're a fan of the meaty, jewel-like claws, you know that they're often as expensive as they are delicious. Which is a problem if you're into pounding them down the way fat kids eat cake.

No fear, claw fans. At least two local restaurants are offering all-you-can-eat deals on stone crab claws. 

The first, Kitchen 305 (16701 Collins Ave.,

Sunny Isles Beach), runs its AYCE special each Wednesday night. The

cost is $35, and you get medium- to large-sized claws in batches of

five, plus New England clam chowder, wedge salad, bread, and choice of

two sides. Tax and gratuity is not included in the price. Call

305-949-1300 for more info.

Fort Lauderdale's newest swank Japanese/Thai/Peruvian restaurant/nightspot (confusing, yes?), Tokyo Blue

(4040 Galt Ocean Drive, Fort Lauderdale), is also offering an AYCE stone

crab special. The catch: This one is $49.95 and takes place only on

Sundays. You get the same medium to large claws, and some side dishes

yet to be disclosed (we've got a call in and will update ASAP). Just

like at Kitchen 305, tax and gratuity will run you extra. It's an

expensive "deal," but if you're like me, it'll still be cheaper than

paying for the five or six pounds of stone crab claws you'd eat

elsewhere. Call 954-566-2122.


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