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Argentango Grill Opens in Boca, Swank Farms Does CSA, Man Versus Corned Beef at TooJay's

•  Adding a Boca Raton location to its Hollywood older brother is Argentango Grill (504 Villa De Palmas; 561-416-2213), known for its 28-ounce skirt steak that comes rolled up like the sidewalks in Boca after 10 p.m., not to mention all the other kinds of meat you could ever hope to eat. There's chicken, fish, and pasta too, but if you're a confirmed vegetarian, you might want to start edging toward the exit before your hair bursts into flames.

•  Local restaurants know that Swank Farms' produce is the best you can get, and now you can get it too, as the Loxahatchee Groves hydroponic grower has instituted a community-supported agricultural program (CSA) that provides eight weeks' worth of fresh herbs and veggies for $320, payable in advance and delivered in Palm Beach County. To sign up, call 561-202-5648.

•  Think you're the next Adam Richman, able to go mano a mano with the world's largest corned beef sandwich for a shot at $10,000? If so, strap on your appetite and head for the nearest TooJay's deli, where anyone who can finish the Jaynormous sammie (with a full 1½ pounds of corned beef) is eligible to challenge ten professional eaters and five TooJay's contestants in a major-league eating competition set for Palm Beach Gardens on March 17. There, whoever downs the most six-ounce corned beef sandwiches in ten minutes walks away with ten grand, not to mention one helluva case of indigestion. For all the relevant details, go here ( and see if you're man enough to defeat food.

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