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Baja Beach Club, Birthplace of the Body Shot: Over 600 People Showed Up for Job Fair

Baja Beach Club, the 1990s Fort Lauderdale haunt best known for the classic spring-break style parties -- you know the type, scantily-clad bartenders serving up body shots to grinding, barely legal patrons -- is getting ready for more action.

The club was first launched in Chicago in 1987; eventually the concept spread and there were 40 Baja Beach Clubs in Europe and the U.S. at the company's peak.

Now, the club is relaunching in Boca Raton -- specifically in the 12,000 square-foot space where Club Boca used to live. A new incarnation of Baja Beach Club is set to re-open October 5 -- and judging by the turnout at a job fair held on two different days, people are amped about it.

Spokeswoman Kathleen Duda tells Clean Plate Charlie that more than 600 people showed up looking for jobs. "There were a few [women applying in] bikinis," she said. "One person came with a surfboard."

Club owner Larry Spatz, who opened the originals and is also behind the new Boca club, says the turnout "speaks a little to the economy and a little bit to word of mouth about our club."

Spatz says he was basically in retirement the past decade or so, running a non-profit called Children of Heroes, but then, "I got the calling," to bring Baja back, he jokes.

What's changed in the past 25 years? Apparently, not much. The club is still aiming for the same high-energy vibe that kept mid-90s party-goers stumbling back for more.

Duda says they've been looking for "high-energy people who know how to start a party and ride it out until the end. We're not looking for people to sing and dance, but you need to know how to drive the fun." Though they got plenty of applications for open positions --  bartenders, beer tub girls, djs, porters, barbacks, security, dancers, shot girls, light techs, and more -- she said stragglers can go through the Baja Boca website if they still want to apply. Promising candidates are being called back for an audition next week. They might have to lip synch, dance on a surfboard, tell a funny story, or do a teambuilding activity.

The club is aiming for the same entertainment concept that originally made it famous -- no bands or touring acts, but lots of dancing and an all-inclusive good vibe. This time there's a vintage surf-shop vibe complete with mechanical shark, a boat, and five bars, including one with a tiki-theme. All complete with top 40 hits from all different eras. According Duda, "This club is for everyone. There's no pretension. No red rope. Anyone who wants to get in can, as long as you're 21 or older. We want a mix of people: different backgrounds, different ages."

Does that mean that 25 years later the bikini-clad, body shot pouring bartenders will be back? According to Duda, "We cannot say what people will be wearing. But, remember, the body shot originated at Baja Beach Club. There's still a lot to be revealed, but we do have an area with a life size boat. There may or may not be some babes in the boat."

The club is located at Baja Beach Club. 7000 W. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton. We suggest you pull out your party pants.

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Sara Ventiera