Bar Talk with Austin Bullock at Newly Renovated SeaWatch in Fort Lauderdale

With amazing views, a revamped look, and a killer new menu, it's the place to be in our books. 

We stopped by the 37-year-strong establishment to see bartender Austin Bullock. 
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He gave us the lowdown on the menu makeover and full-frontal face lift his place recently underwent. Here's what he told us:

Clean Plate Charlie: So tell me about the renovations.

SeaWatch: We closed down for two months this past September, and redid the whole place -- everything from the kitchen and the interior [decor], to the menu and wine list. Before, there was a very rustic, nautical theme to everything. It had charm to it, but now there's a modern, clean feel. They made it classier.

Would you say that's one of the reasons people are drawn here? 

People come here for the food, and because of the location. It's one of the very few places that's on a quiet beach [front] like the one we have here. People love to come here for lunch and just relax and enjoy sitting outside.

Tell us about the menu. How has it changed?

Well, our wine list has probably doubled [since the renovation], with almost 60 bottles and nearly 30 selections by the glass.

On the menu, we've expanded options all the way around - everything from the entrees to the sides. Now, instead of having only three side choices with your meal, we have nearly a dozen to choose from (new sides like corn bread, caramelized mushrooms and fresh creamed spinach with bacon, $3 to $5).

It's still a la carte during the evening, and some of the entrees ($20 to $30) are the same. But we also have added a few items that are becoming new favorites.

What's the most popular drink here at SeaWatch?

Our margaritas. And I'm not a big fan of margaritas, but I like ours. Our sour mix is special ordered, and comes straight from California. We make it by the gallon, and it's very strong.

Where else have you bartended?

Nowhere else. This was my first job when I moved from Connecticut [a few years ago]. There are [a few] bartenders here that have been with the place over 20 years, and they taught me everything I know.

You have a degree in financial accounting, but you chose to come here and bartend. What do you like most about your job?

For the most part, it's good money, and I enjoy coming to work everyday. You can't ask for much more. When I moved down to Florida, that's what I wanted -- to enjoy the weather, and bartend on the beach. I literally got what I asked for.

Well, we're pretty damn sure we'll get the same deal when we come to visit you at SeaWatch. Margaritas, anyone?

6002 North Ocean Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 781-2200

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