Bartender Q&A: Malcolm's David Walker on Screaming Vikings and the Sweetest Pick-Up Line. Ever.

Last year Manpower Group, a huge staffing firm released a survey intended to highlight rates of dissatisfaction in the workplace. Turns out only 19% of those surveyed claimed to be satisfied with work. Let's be honest, that really sucks.

Malcolm's: the Art of Food's David Walker just happens to fall into that 19%. The mixologist talks to Clean Plate Charlie about the fun of the job and watching love go down at the bar.

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Clean Plate Charlie: Hometown/ High School?  
Walker: Tampa / Balboa High School

How long have you been in South Florida? 
15 years

How long have you been in the industry? 
23 years

I knew I wanted to be a bartender when _______.
I saw how much fun it is

Favorite drink to make? 
Rum Punch

Least favorite drink to make? 
Caipiroska, everyone likes it different

Strangest drink requested? 
Screaming Viking (a combination of vodka, vermouth, and lime juice with celery and cucumber)

What's your favorite spirit? 

What's your favorite thing to drink after work? 
Cold Beer in the Summer. Rum & Coke in the Winter

What is your favorite place to drink after work? 
Squared Grouper

What's the best pick-up line you've heard at the bar? 
"Can I buy you a drink for the rest of your life?" They came back 2 years later and were married.

The worst? 
"Do I know you from Somewhere? Or did we meet in my dreams?"

If someone comes in and orders a ______, you instantly think ______ about them.
the most expensive thing on the menu, they are trying to show off

Biggest pet-peeve while working? 
People ordering one thing at a time rather than the entire order

Who is your favorite local bartender? Any why? 
John at Bru's Room: calm, cool, and has the answer for anything along with a great story.

If I wasn't a bartender, I would be a ______.

Favorite kind of bar customer? 
Nervous Ladies

Least favorite kind of bar customer? 
Arrogant and Loud

If you could make a drink for anyone, who would it be? And which drink do you think would suit them? 
Jimmy Buffet, A Margarita. Did it. And yes, he loved it.

Favorite thing about bartending? 
Everyone wants to be doing your job and thinks they can

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